Why and when was the Trust Established?

Our educational programme commenced with the establishment of the Balham Preparatory School( now known as Gatton School and Al-Risalah School) in September 1993. This was due to members noticing the absence of an Islamic faith based education provision similar to other Christian faith based schools. The aim was to focus on high standards, spirituality and values within a caring and safe Islamic ethos environment.
This was the first Muslim School in South London. It started from humble beginnings with 8 children and three adults within the Balham Mosque premises.

Challenges faced by the Trust
Numerous challenges were faced in the early years of our commencement. Some of the challenges were due to:

a) Absence of suitable premises to provide an outstanding educational provision

b) Financial limitations

c) Shortage of suitably qualified staff and a high turnover of staff

d) Finding suitably qualified headteachers to run our schools

e) Raising parental awareness and promotion of the school

f) Coping with the increase in pupil numbers each year

g) Managing the expansion of the school on a yearly basis.

h) Purchasing and Developing Tooting Islamic Centre as an annex to our provision

The absolute commitment of the trustees and their passion for community service has resulted with the opening of further schools with first class facilities.